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The Praying Warrior And The Battle At Ziklag

The Praying Warrior And The Battle of Ziklag by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

The Battle At Ziklag And A Praying Warrior

They arrived at camp and found everyone gone. Not a soul was left in the camp. It was obvious, they were taken by force. The camp was a wreck and burned to the ground. The men began to weep, including David. All of his wives and his men’s wives and family were taken by the enemy, the Amalekites.

The Amalekites had raided the Negev and Ziklag, they burned it and took captives. The women were all in it, both young and old. They killed none of them, but carried them off as they went on their way. When David and his men came to Ziklag and found it destroyed by fire, and their sons and wives were taken captive. They wept aloud until they could weep no more.

David was greatly distressed himself about his wives and children but the men were talking about stoning him. This part always gets me because it shows us how flaky people can be.

One moment the people want to make him King. And the very next they are wanting to stone him, like he was the ultimate cause of their families being taken.

David Sought The Lord

Have you ever been in a situation that you had to make yourself praise the Lord? Were you able to choose praise instead of panic? Your flesh was screaming so loud that you could hear it screaming yourself. Well David said to himself, he said, self you will praise the Lord?

Even though his men were wanting to take his head off, he took the time to ask the Lord. Do you think you can do that? Ask God and then praise him until you see the victory.

That’s just what David did. He said to Abiathar the priest, bring me the Ephod. Abiathar brought him the Ephod and David inquired of the Lord and said to him, if I pursue them will I overtake them? And the Lord said, you will most certainly pursue them and over take them and retrieve all.

God’s Saving Grace

They found an Egyptian boy. The lord was faithful to leave them bread crumbs. We do have a God that leaves conformations to help his faithful. He made sure that Elisha didn’t miss his mantle by sending conformations to him daily from the school of prophets.

They told Elisha so much that his master would be taken, that He became embarrassed and would say to them. Be quiet and speak not of it, but Elisha didn’t miss his mantle.

In the same way, God made sure the little Egyptian boy was treated bad enough, so that when he was left behind he would give away the whole enchilada and he did.

He said to them, I am a slave of the Amalekites. They left me here when I became sick. David said unto him, can you lead me to them? The Amalekite said unto him, “If you promise not to harm me or hand me back unto my master. Yes, I will show you where they are.”

They caught up with the Amalekites, David fought them until dusk that day. David defeated them and recovered all of his people and belongings, all but 400 young men that got away on some camels and fled into the mountains.

Just as God said, David recovered all of their wives and children, none were harmed. We must see the signature of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whom David served.

There is no other God like him. You have this young king that has just come into office. All the people and soldiers are excited about him. And low and behold, everybody had vanished and was gone. The tracks in the sand say that a rebel army has taken them all away. The men plus David are so overwhelmed that they weep until they can weep no more.

And to make all worst, they all began to speak of stoning him to death. Another point that can be taken from this is. When you lead a bunch of rebels, at the first sign of a trouble situation, they may string you up out of desperation. They are only following you because you are meeting a need for them, at that moment.

But David encouraged himself in the Lord and he had the Ephod brought before him and he inquired of the Lord. He said Lord if I go after them will I overtake them? The Lord answered him and said, go after them and you shall overtake them and retrieve all, and he did.

This is one of the great signatures of King David. He goes from complete desperation to victory in one act of God in his life. We should all want to be like him, King David, the praying warrior.

God’s Plan For Us

In David’s life as a warrior, I see a pattern that God used to elevate his life to take him where he wanted him to go. And they are: obedience, bravery, talent, spirit of might, ability to worship, and the spirit of the Lord upon him.

As an armorbearer, he still honored his covenant with Jehovah God, we saw the favor of God increase as he was promoted from an armorbearer to chief bodyguard to leader in the army (warrior) to eventually king. He set a godly example that rings throughout the centuries.

These are ingredients that the Lord will use to elevate your life when you choose to serve him and serve him well. He did it for David and he will do it for us as well. Now, let’s explore more of David’s character that we can pattern our life after.

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