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The Lord Of Breakthrough

The Lord of Breakthrough by Earma Brown

Do you need a breakthrough? You know, with you it’s impossible; you need something that there’s no way you can muster it up. If so, this may encourage you to go for it. Don’t give up now. Read this before you make any decisions.

In the 2016 Olympic Games, I watched an amazing principle displayed in a 400 meters’ finalists race. On the track field were a set of women competing for the gold medal. There were two prominent women featured in the U.S. TV magazine article. One was set to be the most decorated Olympian women ever. U.S. Olympian, Allyson Felix was favored to add another gold medal to her collection, making her the most decorated Olympian ever.

Bahamian Shaunae Miller, the other celebrated contender in the featured TV magazine was also looking to win this gold medal. Now, here's what I want you to consider, the final moments of this race that so beautifully displayed the breakthrough principle, I'm about to discuss with you.

In the final steps of the race Ms. Miller was ahead but Ms. Felix was gaining momentum. In fact, according to her body language she was about to win. She had pressed and was moving ahead in steps and head bowed out ahead. But Ms. Miller out of her peripheral vision saw this happening. She must have said no. She went lateral in a desperate effort to win she lunged her body forward on the pavement and won by .07 seconds.

My first thought and everybody's thought was that legal? Did it work? Yes. The Ms. Miller's lateral move in the final moments won her the gold medal. The Olympic rules state the torso placement on the winning line decides the winner.

A TV journalist wrote, if Ms. Miller had stayed upright she would have lost. If Ms. Felix had dove she could have gotten her gold.

Breakthrough Principle

The breakthrough principle I want us to revisit is 'never give up.' Even in the final moments, you can go lateral and get the victory, your breakthrough. You can humble yourself before God, resist the devil and he will have to flee from you. You can go lateral, by abandoning yourself to God, realizing the battle is not yours but it's the Lord's, He will fight for you and give you the victory. Here's a couple of other examples from Scripture:

Breakthrough Creation

When Rachel was finally pregnant with twins. She complained that it felt like war was going on in her belly. Well, when the twins were being born the enmity was still evident. At first, it seemed like one was going to come first; his hand came out. They tied a red string on it. But suddenly, the other one burst out, becoming the first born. The mid-wife was recorded to have said, "My! Look at the breakthrough you’ve created for yourself and named him Perez. I want to encourage you. Your situation may look hopeless. But there is hope. Through prayer and faith in Christ, you can create a breakthrough for yourself. Go lateral, call unto God, he will hear you and give you the breakthrough you need.

The Lord of Breakthrough!

One last example, David in the Bible had just prayed for strategy against his enemy. The Bible says God gave him strategy and success against his enemies. He worshipped and called God, the Lord of Breakthrough, saying see how the Lord has broken out against my enemies like big waters (flooding waters) breaking through. Through this example, I learned we can reverence and call unto the Lord of breakthrough and receive the victory.

Pray and ask for the breakthrough. Get your strategy from God. Go lateral, fall prostrate before God, humble yourself, abandon yourself to him and receive your own breakthrough.

Even if you're standing before the biggest mountain you've ever faced, grab your mustard seed faith, use the breakthrough principles I've just outlined and receive your breakthrough.

Calling on the Lord of Breakthrough,

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