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God's Qualifying Season

God's Qualifying Season by Rev. Varn Brown, SR.

Has Father God qualified you for ministry? We’ve been teaching about the next level in God. Many of you related to that because there is a king, a pastor, teacher or a ministry gift residing inside you. Even in your receiving and serving season, He is busy preparing you. I know this is not for everyone just yet, bear with me. Earma has been doing a good job with teaching us how to stay qualified.

But for a lot of you, I feel prompted to back up a little bit and talk to you about a season of qualification. In this season, the Lord has his plan to see us qualified for his purpose, his work and his perfect will. I call this season, “the valley season.” It’s a season where the Lord finds out what’s really in the pudding in our lives.

Don’t be scared

Now, before you get ready to run. If you’ve been reading our material for any length of time, I believe you can handle it; you’ve already been eating the meat of the word. This whole process is ordered by the Holy Spirit. You will be in good hands. But, I must be truthful, it will be a tough one for you. You may be in the midst of it now. If so, the flesh will cry out like never before. So, get ready. You see, since God allowed it for his only begotten son. How much more will he allow this process for you and me?

The Spirit drove him into the desert

After Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the word of God says, the Spirit of God drove him into the wilderness. He hungered, fasted and was tempted by the Devil. In my season of the valley, when it first began, I was rebuking the devil and everything. I was like Satan, get thee behind me!

Now, God has graced you to use those words against him for a small season. But, after you see that there’s nothing moving, it gets your attention. And you’re like, maybe it’s not the Devil, like I thought. I know God is sovereign and everything must be approved by him. Maybe God is allowing it into my life. Well. there you go, I’m getting a little smart. Then I say to myself, if God allowed Jesus to go through it, how much more me. I mean the word of God says Jesus learned obedience through suffering.

Once you realize its God, everything changes

Once you see that God is in the equation you will be able to look at the valley with his eyes.  Since you are a son or daughter of God you will naturally submit to the process. And I must say truthfully, it seems like God doesn’t give you a choice. I know that he does, but it seems like it to me. I’m saying that with a smile. When I was going through my valley season I would cry out to the Lord, “How long?” And all I could hear in my spirit was the spirit of the Lord saying to me, ‘I’m in this, stay the course.’

The Job factor

You know that you can’t talk about valleys without talking about “Job.” I wrote an article about Job a while ago, I said of God. In my imaginary mind, God made a bet with old Slew foot, the Devil and won. You see, Lucifer went before God and God said to him, have you seen my faithful servant Job? And Lucifer said to God, O yeah, I see him, he looks protected because of you all around, but if you allow me to tempt him and bring trouble and sickness upon him, he will curse you. And God said to him, bet!

Now don’t get it wrong

After all the trouble and sickness, the Devil brought along with persecution and accusations from his friends, you do know that Job was right; he was a righteous man. You would think this article is about Job’s righteousness. O no, it’s about seeing the process Job walked through, the valley God put before him. And he did come out on the other side without cursing God.

Now here’s, the good part about all of this process. The enemy had a big blind spot in his eyes. His pride was probably blinding him. God’s retribution and his recompense stood at his side. The enemy didn’t know of it but he would have to pay back double because of his false accusation on every matter. Everything that Job lost was restored back to him double. In cattle, houses, family and community he was restored.  You see, our God is a God that pays us back, when we stay faithful to him and don’t quit.

You can know this

If you are going through a valley season, know that you are doing just that, going through. God will be faithful to you; he will see you through. As the accusation went before Job from his family, his friends and even his wife telling him to curse God and die. Don’t those words sound familiar, as that’s what Satan said Job would do. So, we know where those words came from, the devil.

Know that God has a plan to see you restored and blessed double for your trouble. So don’t give up and through in the towel. As your faithfulness is being tested and you make it through, you will be restored double for your trouble. And you will see the faithfulness of God shine through like the new day sun. So stand fast and see the salvation of God in your life.

The truth of the matter

Now here is proof of just what I am saying to you is the word of God and the truth. After all the hell, the trouble, the tempting of the enemy, the hardship. The testing of the Lord, you falling short and getting right back up and repenting and God forgiving you. After all this, your confession will be, as proof.

Rev. Varn Brown - God's Qualifying Season“It was good that I have suffered so that I might learn your will.”

The Lord’s faithful servant,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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