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God Chooses Our Leaders According To Our Heart

God Chooses Our Leaders by Varn Brown

What kind of leader do you serve? It is good to get to know who's serving among you. I'm not implying you should give your leader the 20/20 run down or pull out the character test, I gave you months ago. Nor, am I saying you should try to get the splinter out of their eye while there's a big plank in yours.

But I am saying you can examine their fruit and know what kind of leader you are serving. I was thinking the other day how important it is to have a true, flexible and repentive heart before the Lord. The reason I say this is because it depends upon the type of leader/spiritual father the Lord will send to cover you.

The type of leader you receive corresponds to the type of heart you have before the Lord. If your heart is rebellious and disobedient, your leader may already be a master in that area. That's why I always say that we should do our best to judge ourselves and keep our hearts true before the Lord.

The last twenty-five years of my wife and my life in ministry, the Lord has had a great leader over our life, like I've never seen before. And I have seen and been around some great leaders. I know the difference these days because of a season of transition that my wife and I are journeying through. So, again I have seen some great ones and some not so great.

We must do our best to keep a good heart before the Lord, so that we can be covered well. Because you do remember what happened to King Saul and his armorbearers and his sons? King Saul died and his servants and sons with him, because of his rebellion before the Lord. We must know who we are in covenant with in our hearts and who we are serving.

Rev. Varn Brown - God's Qualifying Season

The Lord’s faithful servant,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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