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Armorbearer God's Original Intent

Armorbearer - God's Original Intent by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr. 0901016-godsintent1.jpg

In these last days, the Spirit of the Lord has poured out a beautiful movement of helps for the body of Christ. He has used a word as simple as Armorbearers. In the Hebrew, it is translated, to help or assist. For the last decade or more, there has been a pretty big movement across America and the world.

Young people have sprung into action in this revived area of ministry. We have seen the struggles of this seemingly new area of ministry, its high and very lows. I have heard from hundreds of on-fire men and women of God excited to serve their Lord and Savior, and reading about them doing very well.

A Beautiful Revelation

Even though there were a few that want to throw the baby out with the bath water; I’m so grateful that our God was not.  Through my study for my new book, The Character of King David which is not about armorbearing but it is about the first armorbearer David. The Lord has revealed his original intent in the birthing of this ministry.

I’ve discovered six steps the Lord uses in our lives to elevate us to rule and thrive in his kingdom. He decided to use a simple word and as common as armorbearer. You may want to say servant leader. I feel some leaders feel a bit more comfortable with that word because of some people in recent past stigmatizing the armorbearer word, even saying it was not of God.

Even so, we must not forget there has always been persecution in the church and the kingdom of God. It’s been so, whether it’s inspired by jealousy, misunderstanding, pre-judging, or division and strife sent straight from our enemy, the devil.   You do know he loves it when we in-fight and disqualify ourselves through offense, slander and accusing the brethren. Well, on with my revelation about God’s overall intent in the matter.

The Shepherd

In the first position, David was a faithful shepherd boy with his father’s sheep. This was the beginning of a process that God started in his life. It prepared and positioned him for the long journey, the Lord had before him. It’s where he fought the lion and the bear, which were huge feats. If David could have seen the trajectory like we see now, he would have asked, “Can you believe there would bigger challenges to face?” 

The Armorbearer

David was serving as a shepherd boy and as King Saul’s armorbearer.  He had defeated the lion and the bear; it prepared him for the Goliath that was put before him. As an armorbearer, David defeated Goliath, the stronghold that held the Israelites at bay. As David was faithful and proved capable to defeat the enemy of the Lord, it prepared him for the next level that the Lord had before him

The Body Guard

“Saul has killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands,” chanted the women as they came from the battle.  David defeating the giant placed him in the next level of God’s will for his life. Even though his king is jealous of him, the Lord is still with him in this season of his life. And God positioned him for a covenant relation that he will need to move to yet another level that’s before him.

A Covenant Brother

Jonathan was a brother from another mother and was like none other. I believe that’s what David would’ve said. God used this relationship to take David to his next level. The Lord had put David in service to a king, so that one day he could become a king. He was in essence tutored by a king to become a king. Jonathan, his covenant brother would help him.  Jonathan actually said to him, “When you become king, I will serve next to you.” How many heirs to a throne have you heard say that and mean it? Exactly, I’ve never heard that said.  

A King

In King Saul’s disobedience, he and his sons died.  David became king and the throne was given over to him. Just as the Lord said it would happen; David became king. The Lord said of him, the son of Jesse will do what I want him to do.  

To Save A People

The sole purpose of the Lord calling and anointing David with the spirit of might was to save his people, the Israelites, from their enemies. It was God’s purpose, as he started from the faithful shepherd boy. It was his intent, when David became a brave armorbearer and body guard, even as he destroyed the giant Goliath.

Still so, when his warrior sons defeated the rest of Goliath’s relatives. Then came the covenant brother Jonathan. If he hadn’t had this relationship, he would not have been able to elude the spear that King Saul tried to pin him to the wall with.

Jonathan helped him elude it and sent him away in secret, lest his father be successful in killing David.  David became king and the most beloved of them all. He destroyed all God’s enemies on each side. He delivered the next generation such a season of peace, they were able to build God a house, His Temple. It was completed with a pattern from God. King Solomon built it in such grandeur and opulence that the world had never seen anything like it to this day.

God’s intent is the same. He’s building the body of Christ up to save a generation. He’s starting this generation off in the ministry that’s called Armorbearer. So, it’s not all about Bible toting entourages and whether the leader is ready or worthy of it all. That’s just the smoke screen the devil has been throwing up to distract the body of Christ.

It’s about God training up his children in the right way, the way of the Lord. It’s about armorbearers, servant leaders, assistants called as kings, priests, pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers being tutored by the same. It’s more about training the next generation with the Christian warrior spirit to defeat the giants of their generation. Won’t you join us in training the next generation of giant slayers? Be blessed in your ministry.

Rev. Varn Brown - God's Qualifying Season

Leading well,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

P.S. To read more teaching like this, get Varn’s new book, The Character of King David. It will explain more of this beautiful revelation about God's original intent through the life and character of King David, servant leadership and what it all has to do with you, your leadership and support teams.


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